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I.ACT Brings Intelligence to Telecommunications!
I.ACT Brings Intelligence to Business Communications!

Words From Founder: Jonathan M Cheng, BSc, MSEE

I.ACT Is Located At:
716 S. Sierra Vista Ave., Ste. D, Alhambra, Ca 91801 (West Coast USA)
No. 38, Green Valley Village II, Ste 2F, Shenkeng, Taipei, Taiwan (Far East)
TEL# : +886 911 898909 or +886-922-370759
FAX# :1-309-215-4809(USA) FAX# :+886-2-2664-4083(Far East)

While I.ACT is being recognized as the leading practitioner in the Intelligent IP Telecommunications & IP Networking Project Consulting and Project Planning, Development, Management, Implementation, Commissioning & Support Services, one of our major focuses today is on bridging the many gaps found in the demand and supply of very experienced and skilled technical talents urgently needed in the Wireless/Mobile Telecommunication arena. Essentially, this encompasses the service network planning, design, implementation, performance optimization & upgrade as the need for continual infrastructure & services migration to 3G, 4G & Virtual Private Broadband platforms, and the connectivity to various Wireless LAN technologies including IEEE 802.11x and Bluetooth, etc. Besides, the rapid convergence of major communication and information networking technologies is now forcing all service, solution plus newly emerging application providers/operators to NOT ONLY seriously address and resolve issues that require new techniques & expertise integrating/unifying the once-separated technologies, BUT ALSO to look into and therefore CREATE and ROLL OUT otherwise impossible new multimedia or location-based & instant data services.

Our second area of focus is to carry out our continual committment to bridging the old and new gaps between the Communication/Networking Industry in general and the needs from overall Business Communities, in terms of the more demanding than ever Business Data Communication Needs including higher level of communication and data security and comprehensive support of data mobility.

Witnessing these growing challenges which require multitudes of complex, technical and managerial expertise, we strive hard everyday aiming to close the mushroomed gaps found everywhere in various sectors, especially in the Pan Asia-Pacific Region.

As much as we hope to serve well the needs of the Region's IP Telecommunication, Networking, and Business sectors, we also earnestly invite and welcome all Wireless/Mobile IP Telecom and Networking Experts as well as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) Practitioners to join us in taking on these great challenging and exciting opportunities, and achieving our professional fulfillment while contributing to the one global multimedia communication community.

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