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Kent Jared


Intelligent All Communications Technologies Corp (I.ACT)


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Professional Career & Expertise Summary


Kent has been an active practitioner in the Telecommunications for more than seventeen years, especially for Northern Telecom, and as an independent contractor in the recent years. Kent has very comprehensive Management, Operations, Integration, and Verification experience working in Carrier-Class network operating centers (NOC's) and ROC’s, and is most capable of conducting the complete Commissioning/Testing/Installation from A to Z for the following equipments:


Specifically, Kent's latest DMS experience is on MTXi (CDMA), GSMr, DMS GSP, DMS 100i, XAcore. while past experience with DMS100, 200,250,300,500;(DMS)MTX wireless;(DMS) MTX fixed wireless (DMS) SL100 government systems;(DMS) iDEN cellular system (DMS) PCS 1900 GSM protocol;(DMS) STP Signal Transfer Point (CCS7), etc.


Besides, he has excellent working knowledge of a vast variety of telecom network test equipment and protocol analyzers for the transmission medium and Switch Signaling from the installation point right up to the network planning levels. Experience on LAN/WAN networks and programming. Kent also possesses good working knowledge of DSC switching, ERICSSON and SEIMENS and others, to name a few.


Languages Skills


Can speak and understand good English and French

Can understand very good Portuguese (Brazilian)

And can speak good Portuguese too.

Basic Spanish


Career Background

August 2000 - July 2001:


Working as a Network Implementations Specialist for Nortel Networks in Brazil and Egypt.

Performing complete initial site commissioning and extensions on the following DMS’s.




NORTEL (Northern Telecom) / Maidenhead, England.  February 1999 - July 2000

DMS Commissioner / FLM Front Line Maintenance.


Based out of England worked in the following countries: Germany, Italy, France, Korea, Guatemala and Ireland. Various types of DMS platforms were the objective. DMS SL100, DMS GSP, DMS 100E, DMS GSM, DMS GSMr. Performed typical commissioning tasks and ONP’s. Cut over a good old NT40 to SNSE and JNET to ENET too. Have experience on BSC's and the interfacing of them to the MSC.



NORTEL (Northern Telecom) / Bermuda.    February 1998 - April 1998; Sept 1998 - December 1998


DMS / Commissioner & Installation


The network was landlines using DMS with many remotes. My task was to commission and install upgrades and work on all the OPAC’s in Bermuda until completion.



NORTEL (Northern Telecom) / Sao Paulo, Brazil.    May 1998 - August 1998

MTX Trainer / Manager.


The platform of technology was DMS MTX wireless, using TDMA protocol for its software. One of the functions was to assist the staff and assist in formulating ways to manage the overall performance of the network and distribute statistics to all departments concerned. Main task was maintenance of the DMS MTX site. Also learned to speak Portuguese, so I could further interface with the Brazilian staff. I found it exciting to learn a third language; it accents my bilingual background being English and French.



NORTEL (Northern Telecom) / S.R. Vietnam.      August 1997 - October 1997

MTX Eng. / Commissioner, Fixed Wireless Support.


The platform of technology was DMS MTX Fixed wireless, using TDMA and future CDMA cross platform software. Daily assistance on and off site to implement new features, ONP's and train the local client about the product, its functions and how to perform the daily routine maintenance tasks. To provide advice about new packages to the FSE group and the marketing group to assist in the better understanding of all the elements of the DMS product. Acting as a liaison between all parties concerned within Nortel, towards the client and all official parties involved in the project and its present and future expansion. Wrote and applied technical reports on network growth and all relative concepts to better the over all performance of the concepts at hand.



NORTEL (Northern Telecom) / Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)  April 1997 - July 1997

MTX Eng. / Commissioner, Wireless Support


The platform of technology was DMS MTX wireless, using TDMA protocol for its software.  The functions of this position were of the same nature as the one mentioned above. Except having to deal much more with the countries policies in respect to management of the equipment going to and from the assigned sites that would be entering and leaving the country.




NORTEL (Northern Telecom) / Wayne, New Jersey.  November 1996 - March 1997

Network Operations Center Manager.


The daily functions where to perform all functions within the NOC and to assist the junior staff on the equipment in concern being Nortel’s PCS 1900 GSM DMS and various forms of other transmission equipment. This was a Verification Office and most of the events were real time engineering and network problem solving situations. RF equipment utilized was the Nortel Matra transmission medium. Had to provide projections and analysis on issues towards the interfacing of various products from Short Message Systems, Digital Voice Mail systems, CCS7 Signal Transfer Points STP’s, and various forms of transmission equipment for multiplexing the mediums of signaling at hand.



SPRINT United / Carlisle, Pennsylvania.     March 1996 - September 1996

Network Management Controller.

 Daily tasks performed on the following equipment: DMS 100, DMS 10’s, Alcatel ITT 1210’s, and many DMS remotes: Dual RCC’s, RCC’s, RCT’s, RLM’s, OPM’s, and many other various peripherals. Supported all C.O. staff with procedures of maintenance and repairs. Performed all standard daily site routines: Alarms, Traffic Stat’s, Congestion stat’s etc… Technical support and interface for all interdepartmental troubles in the network, such as suggestions towards any performance improvisations. DMO’s, translations, and/or real time updates and corrections. Real time service orders and direct client trouble shooting and customer service resolutions for the state for Pennsylvania and New Jersey.



CAM-NET Long Distance / Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal Canada.  January 1995 - January 1996

Network Consultant.

Freelance network design and provisioning to complete the CCS7 environment and the following tasks. Interface with all directors and managers to represent CAM-NET for their implementation and installation of the CCS7 environment with Bell Carrier Services and STENTOR, to assist and demonstrate and train the staff on the entire environment.



ACC Long Distance Ltd.                                                                                                          1991-1994

Senior Switching Tech / Site Supervisor


Nortel or Northern Telecom                                                                                        1983-1991

Installation Commissioner / Operational tester / Technical Support


A.E.D. Satellite Systems Ltd.                                                                                                1983

Junior Engineering Specialist (promoted from production worker)


Positron Inc.                                                                                                                 1980-1983

Shop Foreman


C.B.C. Canadian Broadcasting Canada                                                                              1980

Technical Installer


DEVRON Data Corp.                                                                                                  1978-1980

Technical Drafting



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