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4. Business Consulting & Technical Training

Service areas of Business Consulting include sourcing of reliable and industry-oriented international financial houses and mining/crushing business investors as well as consulting on financial and accounting system establishment, and recruitment and placement of professional plant and business managers specific to crushing & mining industry's requirements.

Depending on various weighted factors specific to your projects, on the case-by-case basis, the needs in project financing and related accounting practice is professionally addressed.

Another Service Areas address specific to the demand for sounding & solid technical training programs whose extensive coverage of the daily operational, maintenance & servicing aspects of crushing plant is entirely based upon our decade long of direct field/site exposure as well as the latest technologies & products made available from MINYU!

As a very good example, the following is about some past (June, 2005) remarks on business environment today especially in Europe, by Mr. Bernard Collomb, the Chairman of LAFARGE: "We are again on a collision course with the European business community," at a meeting only a couple of weeks ago, of the trustees who oversee the International Accounting Standards Board. "It's not only the French." Indeed, while it was the French who were primarily behind the first big European fight over international accounting rules, especially over the concern on accounting for derivatives. Ultimately, the French banks got the European Commission to change the rule adopted by the standards board. Many do not accept the idea that accounting rules should be set by an independent board, rather than through a consensus of all interested parties. The European Commission's top bureaucrat in the area, Alexander Schaub, put it this way: "While standard-setting may be a very technical subject, its impact on the economy and on the behavior of companies is simply too important to be left to standard-setters...ONE area of discord is that the board is considering a rule that would require companies to report "comprehensive income" on their income statements, after net income. For example, the figure includes such things as foreign currency adjustments that affect asset values but are not treated as expenses now....The goal of accounting standard- setters now is convergence, meaning to make international and American standards so close that investors can rely on either. Europe loves that idea, but it is not so eager to accept rigorous standards that offend powerful interests. The current development in the USA may be best described by Mr. Christopher Cox, the chairman-designate of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who voted in the US Congress to override an accounting standard on stock options.

Besides, all too often we're getting lots of hypes about such new development in both mining & aggregate sectors as ***Multiple Roles Available*** 6&2 rotation A high profile international EPCM organisation is seeking a number of experienced Mining Engineers to join their growing projects teams in their new Moscow offices. Involved in both green and brownfield mining expansion and upgrade projects, you will be responsible for...

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A Simple Comparison of Types of Accounting System Practice *

Practice Types



In-House Manual Accounting System (Pen and ink, Calculators, Spread-sheets, File-folders, etc.)

Full control

Tedious & labor intensive

Very time-consuming

Very error-prone

Out-Sourced Accountant Service

Be familiar with both business' global accounting information & project specific accounting knowledge

High financial expenses

Less control

Less cohesion

In-House Accounting Software

Complex calculations are automated

Software learning curve

Front-end & back-end are separate operations

Less cohesion

Traditional Out-Sourced Accounting Service

Shared liability

Saves time - service handles common accounting records

Accounting data needed for project management often stored at service's site

Less control

Less flexibility

Can not address project specific requirements

In-House Integrated Management Accounting System

Control-Accounting information is stored on your computer

Cohesion-Full integration of project specific and common accounting data w/ no "double entry"

Correctness-All calculations are accurate and up to date

Clearness- Shared liability with clear definition

Constructiveness- Effective handling of all types of transactions, etc.

Sophisticated software required

Internet and/or LAN/WAN connection needed

Variety of disciplines essential

Intensive training as prerequisite


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